Mini Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
Mini Asphalt Drum Plant
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Mini Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Mini asphalt drum mix plants are mini version of our hot mix plants. Compact model of the plant is available with drying cylinder and suitable equipments for the varied requirements. Trailer or tractor mounted plants provide full mobility and ideally serves many application areas. Set ups to start project is too fast and easy. Long cables made fast interconnectivity of the different units and provide facility to plug into receptacles. 

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Ideal design of feeder hoper with slope helps the aggregates to discharge with free flow. Quantity of material can be increase or decrease by means of given control.

Rotating cylinder, dryer is provided with heavy-duty gear box and motor. Drum is made from high quality stainless steel sheet in order to prevent heat loss as well as increase its service life. This energy efficient drum is made fully insulated to enhance its efficiency. Sturdy steel structure is used to mount the drum. Rollers with heavy duty bearings provide perfect support to cylinder. Asphalt tank is also insulated with ceramic wool and made covered with suitable sheet. High quality accessories like manhole and necessary pipes are provided to asphalt tank. Computerized control panel make the plant functionally ideal for the automation. Microprocessor-based control with latest software made easy and fast operation. Control cabin is provided with air conditioner.

  • Highly preferable for secondary roads
  • Demanded for parking lots and PMGSY works
  • Village roads
  • Fast and efficient
  • Highly economic
  • Easy move portable unit
  • Low power consumption
  • Microprocessor-based control
  • Economic design
  • air conditioned control cabin
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