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What is Asphalt Mix Plant?

Asphalt mix plant is an efficient and complex set of machineries for the road construction, making asphalt from mixture of aggregates and binder. Road is build with asphalt which is a mixture of sand, stone dust and many more. Proper proportion of aggregates are heated and coated with binder. To build a road with asphalt, it is required at certain temperature at the time of operation. So binder mix aggregates, the finished product asphalt is stored into special bin to deliver at the destination site.

It is fully automatic, microprocessor control plant producing asphalt. It is a machine with finger touch control. Operation can be switch over to manual mode on demand.

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Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Asphalt Batch Mix Plant in India
Dryer Unit

It is an integral part of the asphalt mix plant. Precisely engineered dryer unit enhance the drying of the aggregate and it tends to dry having minimum moisture content. Exceptional design of the dryer unit makes it efficient to transfer total heat to the aggregates. It helps most to use possible lower fuel.

Dryer unit of plant is also equipped with thrust wheels and trunion wheels. It also contains treated sprocket and roller for easy rotation of the drum and enhances productivity.

t is an ideal example of automation. Heated aggregate are discharged on heat resistant conveyor belt for further procedure.

Perfect design of the dryer unit helps the dryer to transfer complete heat to aggregates. It efficiently tends to lower consumption of power. Heated aggregate are discharged on heat resistant conveyor belt.

Asphalt Dryer Unit Asphalt Dryer Plant
Bin Feeder

The feeder bins are fitted with individual AC or DC motors. For appropriate flow of the material, bin feeders are provided with adjustable calibrated gates opening. It is also provided with vibration screen to monitor and remove excess material. The flow of aggregate of each bin is controlled and regulated with gear box. Different number of bins can be supply as per need.

Asphalt Bin Feeder Plant Asphalt Bin Feeder Supplier
Asphalt Tank

Asphalt tanks are fabricated with thick 5 mm steel plates. Glass wool is used to provide efficient insulation. Tanks are available with thermo resistant manhole and other essential accessories. The asphalt tanks are specially designed with capacity of 10 to 50 tons for the stationary as well as portable asphalt plants. Tanks are equipped with self-governing burners.

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Our asphalt plant is operated with finger touch control. It is equipped with microprocessor control with printer. These fully computerized control panels play significant role in automation of procedure with efficient handling of plant.

  • Digital display of all processes.
  • It can switch over to manual operation
  • All records can be turn in print out forms.
Asphalt Control Unit Asphalt Control Plant in India
Control Cabin

It’s a high-tech control cabin to control entire operations efficiently. It is a centrally air-conditioned cabin. This insulated cabin is equipped with electronic control panel board.

Asphalt Control Cabin Asphalt Control Cabin Supplier
Pollution Control Unit

Our asphalt plant is provided with dust collector unit to provide dust free output. This highly efficient wet dust collector controls the dust during the operations. It helps to make specific operational area dust free for the desired outcome. It also maintains the required standard of environment.

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